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Digital Streets Exclusive: Santogold to be signed to Downtown Records

October 31, 2007

Santogold is a New York Based artist that fuses Electronica, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Rock to create a unique and dope sound that is unfortunately getting more play internationally than here in the US. Santogold has been quietly blowing up in the underground US music scene. Her song Creator was played during the climax of the final episode of Entourage this year and she has been on tour with artists like Mark Ronson and Bjork. She is a phenomenal song writer and has inked some stuff for artists like MIA, Res, and Lily Allen.

Last I knew she was signed to Lizard King a label out of the UK and I do not know the status of that deal being that it is an international. But a very reliable inside source tells me that she is about to ink a deal with Downtown Recordings who’s label roster includes Gnarls Barkley and The Eagles of Death Metal.
You can get more information about her on her myspace page.

Please give her songs a listen and remember where you heard it first! Tell a friend to tell a friend. This one is going to blow.

Santogold – Creator

Santogold – Shove It

Santogold – LES Artistes

Santogold – You’ll Find A Way (Switch and Graeme Sinden Remix)


Jim Jones Speaks on Battle with Jay-Z Nov 6th

October 31, 2007

Props to Miss Info and Angie Martinez of Hot 97 for this interview.

Tell em why you mad LL! Again…

October 31, 2007

“Baking a cake doesn’t qualify you to run a bakery and making records doesn’t qualify you for running a label… I don’t have a problem with Jay, I don’t begrudge on his success…. I turned that[president job with Def Jam] down a long time ago… the reality is he was put in a really tough position. With all due respect he doesn’t have the experience to do the job….He never had a job in the music industry ever…”

~LL Cool J on President Carter

Umm… I wonder if LL has ever heard of a little underground independent record label called Rocafella Records? It’s a shame when people blame lack of record sales to the company and not to their terrible music. OK maybe LL should have pushed another 10K records or something with some extra promotion, but he wasn’t going to do much more than that. Maybe we should give the man a time machine and a ghost writer. Shit, throw Timbaland in there too.

Beanie Sigel Internet Miniseries Trailer

October 31, 2007

OK I’ll bite into the promotion

Gold is the New Platinum.. Thanks to the Internet.. You’re Welcome =)

October 31, 2007

Here are the hottest Hip Hop/R&B album numbers so far this year.

Akon 2.7 million
Kanye West 1.5 million
Robin Thicke 1.4 million
T.I. 1.1 million
50 Cent 1.025 million
Ne-Yo 830k
Timbaland 760k
Rihanna 756k
T-Pain 703k
Fabolous 493k
Keyshia Cole 470k
Common 417k
UGK 354k
Plies 297k
Sean Kingston 265k
Soulja Boy 200k
J. Holiday 170k
Talib Kweli 156k
Young Joc 150k
Chamillionaire 145k
Trey Songz 114k

Plies #’s surprise me. I guess I’m sleeping on that one.

and 50… umm… keep on trucking…

Kanye Rocks Boston’s Powerhouse show.. with the help of a friend

October 31, 2007

So Jammin’ 94.5 had their annual Powerhouse concert which has some serious performances every year. This year both Weezy and Kanye were at the show. Kanye was supposed to headline but Weezy took that spot unexpectedly. Its hard to follow Kanye when he drops his trump card and performs “Big Brother” and the one and only God himself graces the stage. He was smart to give up his headline spot because the house lights came on promptly at 11:30PM and the headline act got his act cut short leaving the crowd in boos.  That would have left no time for Jay.

Weezy you are just not there yet… sorry dude.

Here is a link to the video of the Jay-Z performances. They JUST hit the net. Shout to Real Talk NY.

Diddy on Producing American Gangster

October 31, 2007 has another good interview to offer. Here are some words from Diddy about his role in recording tracks for “American Gangster”, the status of the real producers of the records, his “Hitmen”.

“To be honest the hardest album to come from a New York rapper, I produced it. Nobody can ever take that shit away from me. And now being on this American Gangster, I’m humbled by it and I’m going to let the work of it speak for itself. But you know, be clear that it’s like riding a bike.”

Read the entire interview here.


Songs of the day (a bit delayed)

October 31, 2007

Sorry these are a day late due to the changing of my server.  You still need to peep them though.

Shawty Redd ft. Snoop Dogg – Sexual Eruption (No it’s not T-Pain, and he should be nervous)

Akon ft. Ludacris, Diddy – Get Buck in Here [produced by Felli Fel] (Straight Pop)

Cassidy Ft. Kanye, Swizz, Ne-Yo – My Drink and My 2 Step RMX (I will not accept anymore remixes of this song after this.  Enough is enough)

Rhymefest – Real Nigga Quotes (The Lyrics are too dope to ignore)

Cormega ft. Hell Rell – Stunin’ Remix (I tired not to like it but it is kinda fire)

Hot Whips

October 31, 2007

Ok so I tried not to be such a stereotypical guy and post about new hot cars but this 50 Cent Whip is straight fire. I like the classic American comebacks.

Banned from YouTube – Criminals Gone Wild!

October 31, 2007





“CRIMINALS GONE WILD VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED This DVD includes footage of raw & uncut violence: -assaults -shootings -thefts -drivebys -rape -getaways -carjackings -setups -drug spot robberies -home invasions -deadly retaliations -interviews -and more!!! PARENTAL ADVISORY ADULT MATERIAL STRONG CONTENT”

Criminals Gone Wild is a DVD for sale online which reportedly contain live criminal acts documented on video. I assume the movie is technically a documentary. I will let you know when I see it. The trailer has been banned from YouTube and reposted repeatedly. if you can’t see it above try it here.

This is sure to create a stir in the media.

Remember where you heard it first. Tell a friend to tell a friend.




Freestyle Frenzy – Styles,Beans,Free,Uncle Murda

October 31, 2007

Just ridiculousness… Feels good to hear them gettin down like that.

Props to Green Lantern.

Freestyle – Beanie, Freeway, Uncle Murda, Styles

It’s the ROC

Ode to the Hip Hop Police

October 31, 2007

The evidence is evident and Papoose is gonna vent.

Papoose – Charades Pt. 2

In case you missed the first installment a couple of years ago.

Papoose – Charades

Jay-Z Jacks A Beat For New Album

October 31, 2007

Yes it is true. You can hear the side by side comparison here from who broke the story.

The Thieves: Jermaine Dupri & No ID: Jay-Z – Fallin

The Victim – Ski Beats: Ballin’ (Instrumental)

This is what Ski had to say about the situation

“I did the beat first. That beat got played for so many people. I sent it out. [They] could have bit. But that doesn’t necessarily mean [he bit] when you fucking with samples; [they] could have just found the same one. I’ll let the people decide. I got my new artist Pittsburgh Slim signed over at Def Jam, [so] how ironic.”

Ski has a rapport with Jay-Z being that he produced some of his classics including Dead Presidents. I am sure we will hear much more about this story. We will see who knew what about the situation.

tisk tisk

Jay-Z ft. Beanie Sigel – Ignorant Shit (plus the story behind the music)

October 30, 2007

This song originally leaked in the Fall of 20o4. It was re-recorded for the album American Gangster with a new verse from Jay and a verse from Beanie Sigel. You can hear the complete story from Just Blaze here courtesy of

Here is the American Gangster Version

Jay-Z ft. Beanie Sigel – Ignorant Shit

By the way this song is even more brilliant than the original three years ago.

Please listen to the lyrics.

Jim Jones to take on Jay-Z Nov. 6th

October 30, 2007

Out of nowhere Jim Jones announces exclusively to Miss Info of Hot 97 that he will be releasing an album FOR FREE on November 6th hosted by Dame Dash (the same day as the release of Jay-Z’s American Gangster) and he is naming it “Harlem’s American Gangsta”.

American Gangster is coming out and then Dame releases Mr. Untouchable, now this?

Jim Jones is on the Reasonable Doubt Tribute Mixtape that was just released by Dame Dash.

And on a very big and almost ignored side note Cam is releasing a free album the day after.

I now cherish my Nov. 11th Jay-Z tickets at Hammerstein Ballroom that much more.
It’s going to be an interesting winter in the world of Hip Hop.

For further reading material and more background on the people who’s classic hustling stories ignited this wildfire peep this article from

See you tomorrow.. err… later today.