Tell em why you mad LL! Again…

“Baking a cake doesn’t qualify you to run a bakery and making records doesn’t qualify you for running a label… I don’t have a problem with Jay, I don’t begrudge on his success…. I turned that[president job with Def Jam] down a long time ago… the reality is he was put in a really tough position. With all due respect he doesn’t have the experience to do the job….He never had a job in the music industry ever…”

~LL Cool J on President Carter

Umm… I wonder if LL has ever heard of a little underground independent record label called Rocafella Records? It’s a shame when people blame lack of record sales to the company and not to their terrible music. OK maybe LL should have pushed another 10K records or something with some extra promotion, but he wasn’t going to do much more than that. Maybe we should give the man a time machine and a ghost writer. Shit, throw Timbaland in there too.


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One Response to “Tell em why you mad LL! Again…”

  1. LL needs help - 50 to the rescue « The Digital Streets Says:

    […] so now you’re saying you shitty album sales are not Jay-Z’s fault? LL hasn’t had a respectable hit since Ill Bomb back in 99′. We’ll see if Curtis […]

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