Jay-Z Speaks on the Real Frank Lucas, Foxy, 50

“I don’t think many people knew who he was. You know, but he did it [hustled] correctly. He did it all the way correctly. The only thing he didn’t do was leave. Cause when you get that much money there’s no hiding it. When the guy selling you the stuff is like, “Yo chill out, you gotta leave.” You gotta leave man. You gotta break out. C’mon man, now you’re being bad. That’s gluttony. God is going to punish you at this point. Right? 50 million in 1970? That’s great. 100 million in ‘70? That a little over doing it. $250 million? That’s like $2 billion or something back then. What’s wrong with him? What was he trying to do? What was the goal? What was the cut off point for him? He’s at 250! I would love to ask him that question. I’m going to ask him at the premiere.”

Read the rest of the interview here


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