Wu Tang Clan in Peril!

“I’m not gonna drown in the water when I know the boat is about to sink”

“He’s on some shit like ‘yo this is the new sound trust me’… we’re not coming out of the studio happy… its more like I don’t wanna be here doing this cause this is not the vibe I want… he’s like the hip hop hippie… [we like] you’ve been outvoted… ”

“You don’t rob your friends… you might as well be pimpin’ me”


Well it’s more like the Rza’s future with the rest of his Wu Tang members is in peril. Recently we have seen videos and read interviews from Ghostface in reference to his grievances about his money. Raekwon claims that all of the Wu members are unhappy with the sound of the new album (The Rza has excluded the other members’ opinions about the production of the album) AND their money. Raekwon claims the7 other members of Wu Tang will release another album on their own after this ones release, and they want this one pulled of the shelves. WOW.

Continue reading this post to see the rest of Miss Info’s interview with Raekwon.

Come on Rza. We know you are the brains behind the Wu but you are not the body and sole voice. I agree with Raekwon and the other members about the weird sound of the new Wu. The Heart Gently Weeps is good but its not great. I am sure that is the bet song you got on the album. I was not impressed with the other 2 songs that were released. I love the Kill Bill soundtrack, but I don’t like it for a hip hop album. Get it together guys. The world needs you.

Bonus: 8 Diagrams (full album)


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6 Responses to “Wu Tang Clan in Peril!”

  1. Rza Responds to Raekwon’s Comments about Wu Tang Beef « The Digital Streets Says:

    […] In an interview I posted yesterday with Miss Info of Hot 97, Raekwon expressed a lot of distaste with the Rza and his handling of the new Wu Tang LP “8 Diagrams” and his handling of the other group members. Well the Rza responded yesterday in a talk with Billboard.com. “My idea with this album was to have an hour of your day be different — you go into this other world of beats, hardcore lyrics and imagery of hip-hop,” he said. “I wanted the listener to be stimulated by the music. I don’t know if everybody agreed with it. Everybody has their own opinion. This is in my vision at the end of the day.” […]

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    […] 8th Chamber.  Also, the track listing for 8th Chamber has changed since Ghostface and Raekwon have stirred things up with their internet rants.  Very […]

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    […] my previous postings on this topic here and […]

  4. Rza speaks more on Raekwon Beef and 8 Diagrams « The Digital Streets Says:

    […] Raekwon airs out Wu Tang dirty laundry […]

  5. africa Black Says:

    based on my observations of the legendary wu Tang clan, i have realized that no solo artist or group can truly recapture the shine they once had on their fist album. Sure they may be a small percentage of artist who have created albums that match their classics, but its very few. Its a shame to see brothers still fighting over money after all these years. well lets get to the meat and bones of this Wu Tang ordeal. First Rae the chef has based almost 90% of his ryhmes on drug dealing cocaine verses. Also he has placed himself in a box due to his allegance of the 5 percent nation. ( respect to all the Gods). basically everyone cant follow a rappers spiritual beliefs, the lesson is to spread light on all religion in order to attract that mass appeal, get it. Secondly, Homeboy does not drop any jewels. I mean real jewels, education, prison life, taxes, african history, science, things that can uplift children. Rae stated in a line that he was smoking woolys. however, in a interveiw he said that line was more for shock value. Rae never snorted coke or tasted it, but he wants his fanbase to feel that line. The Wu shouldnt be mad cuz RZA changes his sound, that man grew with the times. But if you listen to Rae and the rest of the wu members its the same ole Suger honey Ice Tea. The wu are more like cry babies to me. The younger generation will not tolerate what they can not relate to. The production of RZA has always been innovative. It just so happens during this era other sounds have become more dominant. What the Wu need to realize is that their succses was based on the awkward , yet original sounds of the RZA. Now they mad cuz the competition is more younger and these kids are extremly feirce in their own right. Here is some advice, be happy with what you left the studio with be proud. Another thing, if RZA picked the beats, and the vocalist had nothing to do with that process, then this will be a lesson for RZA as well. Peace

  6. Wu MAAFACKA Says:

    Well, nice one bring out another one. That would be great. I like 8 Diagrams but why not a double album Wu vs Shaolin. 40 tracks showing the diversity of the wu

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