Rza Responds to Raekwon’s Comments about Wu Tang Beef

 For More Info click here In an interview I posted yesterday with Miss Info of Hot 97, Raekwon expressed a lot of distaste with the Rza and his handling of the new Wu Tang LP “8 Diagrams” and his handling of the other group members. Well the Rza responded yesterday in a talk with Billboard.com.

“My idea with this album was to have an hour of your day be different — you go into this other world of beats, hardcore lyrics and imagery of hip-hop,” he said. “I wanted the listener to be stimulated by the music. I don’t know if everybody agreed with it. Everybody has their own opinion. This is in my vision at the end of the day.”

This one is far from over folks. For the sake of everything that is hoy in Hip Hop lets hope they work this one out.Bonus: 8 Diagrams (full album)


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5 Responses to “Rza Responds to Raekwon’s Comments about Wu Tang Beef”

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    Yo I listened to the new 8 Diagrams. I gotta say that there are some tight tracks that remind me of the old days – “Take it Back” is ill – I can’t stop rockin it. Rae kills it in that track – actually, Rae’s rhymes on the album are the tightest I have heard in a long time. Yeah. There are a couple of tracks that seem to explore beyond the traditional Wu style, and some are not the most successful. On the whole, the album is super dope – way better then Iron Flag, and I am backin this. Wu is Forever. I understand where Rae is coming from. He’s got tons of love for the whole Clan and is just looking out for them. Rza’s production is sick on the album though on the whole.

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