9/11 Truth vs. Bill Maher – “Bush knocked down the Towers!”

Well not Bush he isn’t smart enough, but someone around him knows the truth. Personally I am a firm believer in the 9/11 truth theories. Anyone who blindly follows what people tell them on television without doing any thinking for themselves is not Hip Hop. To be hip is to be current and know the truth and to hop is to take action. So find out the truth and do something about it, or keep listening to your regurgitated pop rap. Pick up an Immortal Technique record and learns yourself something.

I am glad this is finally reaching the main stream. I normally agree with Bill Maher but he is dead wrong on this one. Bravo for this youtube video.

Also, be sure to check out loosechange911.com as well.

Support this film and spread the word! Take your country back!

I met a gentleman a few months ago who received a purple heart for being wounded at the Pentagon on 9/11. He now works for the NSA but he was working in the Pentagon for another office that day. His office was the one that was supposedly hit directly by the plane. He described to me in detail what happened that day. He described the explosion that shook the building and he listed the names of his colleagues who perished that day. He rattled off several names of eye witnesses who he could call upon and he told me gruesome stories of the bodies that were found. The government said the plane was vaporized to explain the lack of debris from the plane. I thought, it’s amazing a jet engine can be vaporized but body parts cannot be.

Anyway, I was a guest in the man’s house so I wanted to approach the topic very carefully. I chose to ask him about his injuries instead. He said he was “hit with schrap metal from the explosion.” It just so happens my Grandfather received a purple heart when he was hit with schrap metal during the Korean War. My Grandfather has some very nasty scars from his ordeal. This man standing in front of me in his pool, in his bathing suit did not have a scratch on him. I asked his son why he doesn’t have a job with his father, he said “because he doesn’t trust the government.” Perhaps his son knows something more than I do…

Now I know it is possible he got one little chunk of schrap metal directly on his ass and I couldn’t see it, or that would be his story. I did not want to probe because I was very far from home and don’t need the NSA checking in on me. All I have to say is do the research and decide for yourself, and shout me when you come around. Be well and pay attention… and once again Listen to Immortal Technique.

That’s it…


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