Flip Mode Squad Parts Ways with Busta Rhymes and Changes Name of Group

In an exclusive interview with HHNlive.com Rampage had this to say about the current status of the Flipmode Squad:

“Rah Digga, Baby Sham, Spliff Starr, and myself. We just changed the name of the group and it’s now called FMS” says Rampage.

“Nah, we just decided to do our own thing…It’s not under Flipmode anymore. It’s under FMS, just me, Sham, Digga, and Starr and FMS stands for Famous Millionaire Squad.”

I think its interesting they are still keeping the initals from Flip Mode Squad but are changing the name to Famous Millionaire Squad. That name is kind of wack. I do think Rah Digga is the illest female MC out (since Lauryn doesn’t rhyme much anymore) and I do love Flipmode’s music.

When asked about Busta’s legal troubles from his video shoot when Tony Yayo tried to bumrush and get on camera and was denied then Busta’s bodyguard got killed while trying to protect Busta from getting robbed Rampage had this to say:

“Well, if they say he did it, then he did it. I ain’t with him all the time…I just don’t got nothing to do with people being murdered at video shoots or none of that. I’m just trying to do music man.”

By the way, where the hell is Lord Have Mercy? He’s ill!


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One Response to “Flip Mode Squad Parts Ways with Busta Rhymes and Changes Name of Group”

  1. Rampage Recants - Flipmode is still the squad? « The Digital Streets Says:

    […] So I didn’t get the press release cause I’m not in “the loop” quite yet but Miss Info did and after reading it I felt compelled to follow up on this ridiculous story.  First, if you need to catch up on the beginning of the story check this post. […]

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