Rampage Recants – Flipmode is still the squad?

So I didn’t get the press release cause I’m not in “the loop” quite yet but Miss Info did and after reading it I felt compelled to follow up on this ridiculous story.  First, if you need to catch up on the beginning of the story check this post.

Here is the Press release that was posted:

(Phoenix, Ariz.)- How easy it is to misconstrue what one says. Unfortunately, the mismanagement of words has turned into a mad upset. In an article/interview released earlier it was stated that the infamous Flipmode Squad has changed its name and stepped away from Busta Rhymes. Rampage, member of the Flipmode Squad and first cousin to Busta Rhymes admits that maybe his choice of words were not the best…”

“There is no truth to this. Flipmode is forever! So the assumption of this new group should be omitted. “This reminds me of some religious battle”, quotes a spokesperson for the Flipmode Squad. “The ability of two different individuals to read the exact same thing and gather two different meanings is crazy, but that’s the way of the world – kind of like reading the bible. That’s why we have many religions.”

“He agreed to the interview in an effort to inform the world of the collaborative effort of Flipmode to release a project titled “FMS”. Unfortunately, that has been made to sound like a negative statement and that Flipmode has left Busta. “You just have to be careful of what you say and how you say it”, says Rampage. “I had no intentions of incriminating anyone. That’s not where I was going with that.”

Ok Stop.  First off what is up with the bold type.  Secondly who is this “anonymous Flipmode spokesperson”.  That is so weird.

In addition to this release this is what he told Miss Info in an interview:

 “I don’t get off on degrading the next man for my own pleasures”, he comments. “And God knows whatever legal battle Busta has, he is my family, my blood, so I’m never gon’ say anything to incriminate him. My comment was only to say that people have their own opinions, which can cause complications. Look how the public dissected the article that was released earlier. I was not indicating that any one was guilty of anything. I just want to do music and wish people would stop asking me about his personal affairs.

We pray, we believe in God, and that’s where we leave it. I had no comments and still don’t have any about what he [Busta] has going on in his personal life, so stop the madness yo! My statement meant exactly that! End of the discussion! I extend my apology to Busta and any fans as my statements were taken out of context. Flipmode has had Busta to lean on, and even though we are very much still a family; it is time for the public to see us in our own lights and individual identities.”

I’m so confused.  How did HHNlive.com take what you said out of context the first time?  And, how do you come back the next day and make yourself look completely ridiculous?  Was he high when he gave the first interview?  And, most importantly who the hell is his publicist?  If he even has one, it must be the worst publicist ever.

Apparently Rampage is trying to promote his new project entitled “Ambush” and he is going on “The Ambush Tour” with his Flipmode cohorts.  This probably isn’t the end of this story.  Something else is going on.  Stay tuned, I’m on it.

And what is up with the Biblical reference?


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