Man Accused of JMJ Murder releases a new documentary “From Queens Come KINGS!”

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“This is a story of how NY’s most underrated Borough set the tone for National drug policy while changing the face of Pop Cultre.. From Queens Come Kings”

“I’m Sorry man but South Jamaica [Queens] created TNT[Tactical Nartcoctics Team].. Im real sorry for that.. I thought they were going to disband that after they caught them.”

“The Edwards Burns murder was the end of the Crack Era as we know it” – Ed Lover

Curtis Scoon, the man who some people have implicated in the murder of Jam Master Jay (he claims innocence and he has never been charged) has released “From Queens come Kings” a documentary about 80’s New York, Queens Drug King Fat Cat and the events that surrounded the Edward Burns murder.
This looks kinda hot. Let’s see if its objective…

If you want to read more about Curtis Scoon’s alleged involvement the murder of Jam Master Jay check out these article from

Curtis Scoon Interview Pt. 1

Curtis Scoon Interview Pt. 2

SOHH article on “From Queens come KINGS!”

Curtis Scoon on who implicated him in the JMJ murder investigation:

Scoon: I don’t know but, I hope they stop. Those people in the studio that night, they don’t have the clout and the power to push my name the way it was pushed. And the police, they never ever named me a suspect. So, who else has that kind of clout? I believe it’s the people connected with the music industry. Because the suspicion was pointing at the music industry at that time, there were individuals who were more concerned with protecting their property. So I was just a scapegoat. So once they had that established, they walked away. And I’m not gonna say any names, but you remember all those people that were around Jay’s family and friends when it first happened and once the investigation took another direction, they disappeared. Mission accomplished, understand what I’m sayin’?

This is all very interesting. But check out the video. I’m happy to let ya’ll know.

Q Boro….


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