“Wu-Tang will survive” says Method Man

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO MTV caught up with Method Man and Rza, then with Ghostface and the general consensus was that The Wu will prevail.

“There’s a reason why I ain’t spoke yet,” said Meth, standing next to the RZA recently in New York. “When the album drops, we can talk.”“We’re here though,” RZA added. “We’re spreading the culture.”

Ghostface had this to add.

“I love the Clan and all that, but we got certain problems right now,” Ghost said. “Am I supporting the album? What’s going on in the air right now and all that … I’m supporting what I gotta do for right now for Ghostface. No disrespect to the album, I haven’t really listened to the [project] like that, but I heard the responses and I kinda had an idea it was gonna turn out however it turned out. … No telling how [the group situation] is gonna be tomorrow — a nice conversation or something to make your heart feel good. But as of right now, it’s two weeks before my album The Big Doe Rehab comes out on December 4; I’mma do what I gotta do for Tony Starks. I can’t worry about all this other stuff that’s trying to take me out my game.“Everybody is grown men on that side,” he added about Wu-Tang. “There’s no way in the world we shouldn’t make the best album. You got me on your team, you got Rae, you got Meth, you got a dream team. The people been waiting for us for years, and to try and bake something that’s not all the way baked and ready and rushing, I don’t agree to that. So I’m not signing off on that. Don’t put my name on that. I don’t want people looking at me like, ‘Ghost, what did you do?’ I didn’t do nothing. Nobody wanted to listen. Yeah, I came in [during] the ninth inning because I been played with the past couple of years, so I wasn’t really going in on the Wu album. I was like, ‘Forget that, I’m not doing that. N—as owe me money.’ What I look like?”

I guess when you have 8 or 9 muthafuckas in a group for damn near 15 years there is bound do be moments of dissent. I just wish they wouldn’t make it so public. Oh well. Its entertaining nonetheless and the album will probably benefit from all of the bickering in both quality and sales. December 4th is two weeks away. I expect the album to leak any day now.Peep my previous postings on this topic here and here.Hear 3 new Wu Joints off the album (ripped from radio) hereBonus: 8 Diagrams (full album)


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