Roc Boys Mixtape due out within a week…

Memphis Bleek spoke to Hip Hop DX  about the forthcoming and highly anticipated Rocafella Mixtape and had this to say:

[Roc Boys] should be coming out this Friday. If not this Friday, next week for sure. Hosted by man DJ Green Lantern and Lenny S. This is just a tape of us putting the team back together. The whole Roc Boys squad.

We letting everybody know we got an arsenal squad, and we coming to take over again.

The Mixtape will feature music from all of the Roc Boys we know and love AND newcomers Uncle Murder, Tru Life, and Jadakiss…. Yessssss

When asked about his 6th album he responded like a good little soldier who is loyal to their label should:

I titled it The Process because I just want to let people know it’s a process you got to go through in order take the number one spot. I had to know what it took to be number one; sittin’ in the back so long, watchin’ my man Jay do it for so long.” Still signed to Def Jam, no official release dates have been confirmed. “It’s just whenever the people need me. I’m just gonna keep releasing records, until it become a hot demand in the public for Bleek. And that’s when the album’s gonna drop.


By the way he’s only 27???


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