*Saigon Quits Rap*

Saigon has had enough. Before even dropping his first album, Saigon has announced that he will no longer rap on mixtapes, albums, or live shows. That’s it he’s done…

Here is what Saigon had to say on his Myspace Blog last night:

“I QUIT…….. You see I got into rap a very very long time ago, I didnt do it to become rich, I didnt do it to become famous, I did it because it was a way for me to vent about the bad things that were happening around me, It was therapy for me so to speak…..

…I dont try to start shit to cause contraversy, its the media, the press and yall who eat off contraversy who start the shit, try to make me look wild or out of control when Im just being who I am. Everybody is like, ‘OMG how is gonna show up to a radio station drunk’, hahaha, Im a rebel, I done showed up to court drunk facing 15 years and yall talking about a radio show..

…its funny how people listen to all these rappers talk about all these guns they bust and being in the trap and hustling, and everybody loves the music and celebrates it, the second he gets caught up in some of the shit he was rapping about, everybody is talking about how stupid he is and all this shit.. …I cant take turning on a computer and seeing my name being thrown around in all kinds of ways, Its not good for me, and not good for these writers, I am accident prone for life, I will take a page out of the Wu Tang book and beat the shit outta one of yall niggaz man, youre playing with fire..

… I did a interview on Shade45, the interview was 2 hours long mind you, we talked about EVERYTHING from what we need to do as a people to get on track to economizing and everything but you know whats on all the so called media outlets in boldface as the headline, ‘Saigon Disses Whoever’…You know what part of a 2 hr interview people replay? Me saying something about someone…If I woulda said, Ill slap John Hardy Hawkins for his role in the Slave trade, they would never put it in boldface or re run it 1000 times, but If I say Ill slap a rapper or something, Its the headline news of the day….Thats ass backwards to me so Im done…”

He then goes into detail about the Prodigy incident and finishes with:

“Fuck this bum ass rap game anyway, its full of fake ass niggaz who pump poison to the kids, make a few dollars and act like theyre larger then life when they know their music is detrimental to their fucking communities, If it aint about sex, its about drugs or violence, where are the songs about getting an eduacation, or being responsible parents and shit, or stopping the Gang Violence…This shit is sickening………..SAIGON IS DEAD…Should I say Ill slap a rapper so they run and put it in all their news section and gossip columns..Okay Ill slap the shit outta EVERY Rapper hows that….I QUIT, Now I have time to focus on my non profit organazation, In Arms Reach/Abandoned Nation, Please if you get the chance, check out Inarmsreach.org and lend your support to the work we do for the children in NYC whose parent(s) are incarcerated, Thank You now I gotta figure out how Im gonna break this to Just Blaze……THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD….hahahahahahaha PROPHECY”

Personally I think it is a good thing for all involved for him to step away. However, as a fan I think it blows. He is 100% correct about the rap game and the falsities that come with it. I do believe Saigon when he says that he cannot fake it anymore and someone is going to get hurt. His honesty is what makes his music good, and he can’t just talk about it anymore. He will be held under a larger microscope due to his appearances on television and the 3 year hype behind his album. The media is always waiting for the next rapper to mess up so they can crucify them. He would make a prime target because of his history even if his lyrics are positive. A major incident between 2 rap artists would be bad for both the artists involved and Hip Hop in general.

I think this may be one of the most shocking and mature moves I have ever seen in Hip Hop. A man with enough awareness of himself to make a decision like this is is someone worthy of supporting, so go get his album when it is released because I am sure the label will want to recoup its losses and t will be released. This may make it sell more, but for some reason I don’t think Sai is playing. Maybe a little cheddar and an above ground movement will change his mind. Lets hope so.


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