“Beautiful Girls” buys Iced Out Crayons?

I had to post this ridiculously absurd piece of jewelery that Sean Kingston, the “Genius” behind everyones favorite radio hit Beautiful Girls, has been sporting around town. Personally I think he should have bought an iced out McDonalds French Fry box. Now that would have been worth the tens of thousands of dollars I am sure this cost.

Now you know where your ringtone cash goes….  I feel sad inside…


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2 Responses to ““Beautiful Girls” buys Iced Out Crayons?”

  1. Horsemouth Says:

    “Iced out McDonals french fry box” HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  2. 4four1ones Says:

    The sensei, 4four1ones, of the daily samurai is scratching his head over this piece…what was he thinking? Iced out crayons? I mean I understand that he liked to draw as a kid, but this is a waste of diamonds. Should have iced out something else. Who is his jewelry advisor?

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