Wu Tang – 8 Diagrams D/L & Review

MORE INFO HERE Ok, I’ll admit I was one of the many skeptics of Wu Tang’s 8 Diagrams based on what I have heard leaking on the internet. Songs like Take It Back, Rushing Elephants, Unpredictable, and Watch Your Mouth were nothing more than underwhelming and My Heart Gently Weeps was more of a movie soundtrack song than a leading Wu Tang Clan single.However, after giving the album a listen from cover to cover I was much more pleased. All I was looking for was a few bangers to bump in my car and a better sonic experience than Iron Flag, and I got it. Thank God. Perhaps the bickering between the group members has saved the album from being BAD to being NOT SO BAD W/ SOME JOINTS. I was immediately drawn to Gun Will Go, Campfire, Windmill, and Stick Me For My Riches.The lyrics are consistently Wu throughout the album and the beats are consistently Rza throughout the album (the new Rza NOT grimey 36 Chambers Rza). But overall half of the albums tracks were barely good enough for a mixtape and the rest were good enough to be second tier songs on a great album. True Wu heads will like the album but non Wu heads will not support it like their second LP Forever. All in all Wu has fallen short of their potential but still managed to provide their fans with more joints for the catalog.Wanna see for yourself, well I gotchu: Wu Tang Clan – 8 DiagramsBonus: Rza speaks on Wu beef and album again (video)


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4 Responses to “Wu Tang – 8 Diagrams D/L & Review”

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  4. BoomBapHipHop Says:

    I feel ya man. It wasn’t bad, and of course right now I’m just playin it back to back but it’s not quite there other songs either. Eh, gave it a good review on http://boombaphiphop.com though. Still love RZAs producing though.

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