Rza speaks more on Raekwon Beef and 8 Diagrams

MORE INFO HERE After hearing this interview and hearing the album again I’m starting to agree with Rza… It definitely isn’t no “McDonalds Burger”.. lol. The lyrics are strong but I just miss that old sound. I should have gotten over it by now, its only been gone for like… TEN years…Peep the Rza quotables below. “WU TANG.. WILL SURVIVE…”

“its really all good.. we just going different directions””It was a disagreement, but everything is back peace right now…””What he wanted was a punch you in your face album… We already got a punch you in your face album””I’m a master producer homie… its very hard to compete or very hard to master the craft… You hear sounds you never heard before… sometimes new things is like, you gotta taste it once, taste it twice, then that third time its real nice. That’s how I do it baby.””I don’t make a record for no quick McDonald burger… you take a quick bite and then its over.. nah man this is nutritious right here…””Yeah it hurt me anytime my brother says something against me its gonna get me up in the gut… but I got self control, I got patience””[It was cool] once he took the same two weeks that it took me to hear this album and know what its about””The only thing Im’a say to combat what hes saying.. I ain’t NEVER ever take no money from nobody and I don’t owe no one no money, I pay all my bills…”

Even though you can download the album here make sure you go out and buy it on the 4th. There are EIGHT muthafuckas who need to get paid and they have taken care of us for almost 15 years now.Throw your W’s up…Video via Westwood TVRelated Posts:Raekwon airs out Wu Tang dirty laundryRza’s first response to RaekwonMethod Man speaks on Wu beef


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