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*Saigon Quits Rap*

November 20, 2007

Saigon has had enough. Before even dropping his first album, Saigon has announced that he will no longer rap on mixtapes, albums, or live shows. That’s it he’s done…

Here is what Saigon had to say on his Myspace Blog last night:

“I QUIT…….. You see I got into rap a very very long time ago, I didnt do it to become rich, I didnt do it to become famous, I did it because it was a way for me to vent about the bad things that were happening around me, It was therapy for me so to speak…..

…I dont try to start shit to cause contraversy, its the media, the press and yall who eat off contraversy who start the shit, try to make me look wild or out of control when Im just being who I am. Everybody is like, ‘OMG how is gonna show up to a radio station drunk’, hahaha, Im a rebel, I done showed up to court drunk facing 15 years and yall talking about a radio show..



American Gangster Facts – Get Them Straight

November 14, 2007

 Click Here for more info Frank Lucas didn’t just snitch on the dirty cops? Richie Roberts was not responsible for making the arrest on Frank Lucas? Bumpy Johnson didn’t die in Frank Lucas’ arms? Richie Roberts never even had children?WTF?My only question is, did Richie Roberts really turn in $1,000,000 of unmarked cash? If so then that deserves a WTF?MTV news has scoured the many publications that have covered this movie and consolidated many of the facts for us. (more…)

Ill Doctrine drops some knowledge

November 14, 2007

I was going to post this in the “What else is Poppin” section, but then I decided (due to my experiences studying for my Bachelor of Science in Television and Radio from Ithaca College) that waaaaaay too many people (including my family) believe everything they see on TV news shows. I thought Jay Smooth did a good job of catching these gatekeepers in the act of misquoting through editing to prove a point instead of objectively reporting as news outlets have an obligation to do. Believe me, misquoting people is one of the lesser of the offenses these Schmucks commit daily.

Bottom Line: Don’t believe everything you see. Shout to Jay Smooth

9/11 Truth vs. Bill Maher – “Bush knocked down the Towers!”

November 13, 2007

Well not Bush he isn’t smart enough, but someone around him knows the truth. Personally I am a firm believer in the 9/11 truth theories. Anyone who blindly follows what people tell them on television without doing any thinking for themselves is not Hip Hop. To be hip is to be current and know the truth and to hop is to take action. So find out the truth and do something about it, or keep listening to your regurgitated pop rap. Pick up an Immortal Technique record and learns yourself something.

I am glad this is finally reaching the main stream. I normally agree with Bill Maher but he is dead wrong on this one. Bravo for this youtube video.

Also, be sure to check out as well.

Support this film and spread the word! Take your country back!