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A Portable Mixer You Can Bring Anywhere

November 10, 2007

Bird Electronics has created a palm sized ‘micro mixer’ called DJ5 which is to be released next week. The palm-sized unit features a pair of 3.5-millimeter input and output jacks, left/right headphone volume, a slide switch for Line 1/Line 2/Mix, and it takes AA bateries and/or an AC adapter.



Produce Beats on your IPhone

November 3, 2007 announced today that 2 new music production programs will be released for the IPhone. Beatphone and MPC500 Project will both allow you to make a quick beat by tapping patterns on the screen’s virtual pad.

Click Below to see some screen shots of the programs:


Rza claims he invented Serato technology and got jacked for the idea

November 1, 2007

According to the Rza he first invented the technology for Serato’s Scratch Live and invested $2,000,000 in its development back in the year 2000. His machine was called “The Replicator” and apparently the people he was working with jumped the gun and got greedy and let the cat out of the bag too early. Due to loop holes in International patent laws and lack of funds to take on a legal battle The Rza got the short end of the stick.

“The Replicator” appears to be superior to Serato’s Scratch Live. Rza claims Numark has purchased the replicator’s technology for their device and it cues things real time through direct plug ins instead of routing through a laptop.

This is very interesting news taking into account that Serato is the new norm for DJing world wide.