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February 12, 2008

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Man Accused of JMJ Murder releases a new documentary “From Queens Come KINGS!”

November 17, 2007
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“This is a story of how NY’s most underrated Borough set the tone for National drug policy while changing the face of Pop Cultre.. From Queens Come Kings”

“I’m Sorry man but South Jamaica [Queens] created TNT[Tactical Nartcoctics Team].. Im real sorry for that.. I thought they were going to disband that after they caught them.”

“The Edwards Burns murder was the end of the Crack Era as we know it” – Ed Lover

Curtis Scoon, the man who some people have implicated in the murder of Jam Master Jay (he claims innocence and he has never been charged) has released “From Queens come Kings” a documentary about 80’s New York, Queens Drug King Fat Cat and the events that surrounded the Edward Burns murder.
This looks kinda hot. Let’s see if its objective…


American Gangster Facts – Get Them Straight

November 14, 2007

 Click Here for more info Frank Lucas didn’t just snitch on the dirty cops? Richie Roberts was not responsible for making the arrest on Frank Lucas? Bumpy Johnson didn’t die in Frank Lucas’ arms? Richie Roberts never even had children?WTF?My only question is, did Richie Roberts really turn in $1,000,000 of unmarked cash? If so then that deserves a WTF?MTV news has scoured the many publications that have covered this movie and consolidated many of the facts for us. (more…)

Bumpy Johnson’s Widow calls Frank Lucas a Liar and Prepares to Release a New Book

November 13, 2007

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“Frank wasn’t nothing but a flunky, and one that Bumpy never did really trust,” Johnson said. “Bumpy would let Frank drive him around, but you’d better believe that he was never in any important meetings or anything. He would say, you can trust a thief quicker than a liar, because a thief steals money because he needs money, but a liar lies for the hell of it!””Junie Byrd’s gone, Nat Pettigrew’s gone, Sonny Chance is gone, and Finley Hoskin’s gone. Frank would never have said any garbage like that if one of them were alive, because he’d know they’d come after him,” said Johnson. “I bet he thought I was gone, too, but I’m not. I’m 93, and I don’t have Alzheimer’s or dementia…Frank Lucas is a damn liar and I want the world to know it.”~Mayme Johnson

Harlem Godfather: The Rap on My Husband, Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson is scheduled to hit stores in February 2008. For more information check out

Frank Lucas has ill words for Jay-Z

November 9, 2007

It seems like Frank Lucas is really living it up these days. A new interview with him is aired or published every day. In the most recent interview with Frank Lucas had some very stern words for Jay-Z: Jay-Z recently recorded an album inspired by the movie. He had a line on his song “No Hook” that was talking about you. I’m sure you heard it.

Frank Lucas: No, I haven’t. I don’t listen to Mr. Jay-Z’s music, but please tell me what it is. He says, “I’m more Frank Lucas than Ludacris” and Ludacris is a rapper. Then he says, “Frank Lucas is cool, but I ain’t trying to snitch.” Now, I know that you on record have addressed that situation, but…

Frank Lucas: Tell that young man to watch his mouth. Please watch his mouth. Tell that young man to please watch his mouth. Mr. Jay-Z, tell him to please watch his mouth.

Wow four “Watch his mouths”. Thems fightin words…

We will see if anyone asks Jay-Z about Mr. Lucas’ comments.

Jay-Z Speaks on the Real Frank Lucas, Foxy, 50

November 3, 2007

“I don’t think many people knew who he was. You know, but he did it [hustled] correctly. He did it all the way correctly. The only thing he didn’t do was leave. Cause when you get that much money there’s no hiding it. When the guy selling you the stuff is like, “Yo chill out, you gotta leave.” You gotta leave man. You gotta break out. C’mon man, now you’re being bad. That’s gluttony. God is going to punish you at this point. Right? 50 million in 1970? That’s great. 100 million in ‘70? That a little over doing it. $250 million? That’s like $2 billion or something back then. What’s wrong with him? What was he trying to do? What was the goal? What was the cut off point for him? He’s at 250! I would love to ask him that question. I’m going to ask him at the premiere.”

Read the rest of the interview here