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February 12, 2008

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Suge Knight and 3 LAPD officers named in B.I.G. Wrongful Death Suit

November 27, 2007

I can’t write this much better so I will simply repost it.  Thank God they aren’t letting it go.  Fuck the Police…

U.S. District Court Judge Florence-Marie Cooper ruled Monday that Detectives Stanley Nalywaiko, Stewart Maislin and Steven Katz could all be added as defendants in the wrongful-death civil suit filed by the family of Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. The current suit was filed in April of 2007 after a similar suit ended in a mistrial in 2005. In her 2005 ruling (available HERE), Judge Cooper noted that the officers were partially to blame for the suit ending in a mistrial due to a lack of evidence.

“In their capacity as supervisors in the Risk Management Group, [Nalywaiko, Katz and Maislin] failed to supervise or directly participated in the concealment of evidence in this case,” Judge Cooper stated in her ruling. The ruling comes after former Death Row Records Executive Marion “Suge” Knight was added as a defendant on Nov. 19.

The 2005 mistrial marked a turn in the case, which had previously turned up very few leads, despite an 18-month F.B.I. investigation. While very little progress has been made in the case since Wallace was killed in 1997, the family’s attorney, Perry R. Sanders Jr. remained optimistic.

Judge Cooper’s ruling today gives the family a chance to prove to the world that police were involved in the murder–and that high officials have covered up for those officers,” said Sanders via a written statement. While Judge Cooper’s 11-page ruling also gave the family the option to add other defendants and file separate suits against them, it was primarily made to hold the L.A.P.D. responsible as a collective for “facilitating crime and then covering it up.”


DJ Drama – Gangsta Grillz Preview

November 27, 2007

Many of the songs have leaked off this album already.

Here are a few joints that have not leaked and are straight FIRE… I will have a full review a bit later (too much to do right now… too many leaks)<—— GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE

DJ Drama ft. Lil Wayne, Wilie The Kid, Freeway, T.I.) – Cannon Remix (WEEZY VERSE = FIRE)

DJ Drama ft. Devin the Dude, Twista, LA the Darkman, and Mr. Porter) – Beneath The Daimonds

Outkast ft. Marsha Ambrosius – Da Art of Storytellin’ (possibly best verse of the year by Andre – Previously posted)

enjoy… more of everything coming later today…

Tell Em Why you Mad Porta!

November 23, 2007

Okay I have a few bones to pick.

First off, fuck everyone for not buying Freeway’s Free At Last. I hear it is expected to move ONLY 35,000 copies this week. Free At Last is one of the best hip hop albums of the year. It is definitely better than 50 Cent’s album, and it sells as much as Hurricane Chris? WTF people? It’s a shame that most ignorant hip hop fans (which is most) will not buy an album if it didn’t move units its first week which is absolutely ridiculous. That means Freeway is pretty much assed out. This makes me agree with Saigon when he says that the music industry just isn’t worth it. Even Tony Yayo in his great wisdom figured it out. Good music falls on deaf ears while we complain about how wack Hip Hop is. If we supported good artists then maybe the industry wouldn’t be so wack. Maybe Freeway will do numbers internationally.

sorry Free.. I’m trying…

Talib and Common too… sorry guys.

Jay, if you wouldn’t have made your boss happy (yes even he has a boss) and not taken your album off Itunes then you may have kept your numbers up. a good percentage of record sales are digital these days. His numbers are nothing to sneeze at, but he is the God MC and should do better.

Speaking of King Hov, I am very very disappointed in the MSN broadcast of his concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. First off they cut the best part of the show out! Lil Wayne and Jay-Z were on stage TOGETHER performing and Weezy even called Jay “the best rapper alive” in front of Jay’s beloved hometown crowd which is usually the moniker he uses for himself.

Then, they DID NOT edit out Jadakiss’ embarrassing introduction to Rocafella when Jadakiss attempted to do an impromptu performance and Green Lantern didn’t have any of Jada’s songs to play. All in all the concert looked like shit online and it was great live. I know because I was there.

Go learns yourself something people, and keep on The Digital Streets if you give a shit about music….

Okay I’m done… Sorry for the foul language Mom.

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Some Freeway Tracks

Freeway – It’s Over (Video)

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November 22, 2007

I saw this on NahRight and had to steal it….Let the Holiday Season Begin…

Ludacris – Ludacrismas

…off the Fred Clause Soundtrack

He is the only rapper who can turn ANYTHING into a song.

And Finally… Some “Detox”, some Shady, and more “Up In Smoke”

November 21, 2007

Rumors are flying around about Aftermath releasing 5 albums in 2008 including Dr. Dre’s long awaited (“he might release it/he might not”) Detox, a new album from Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Sat Quo and Bishop Lamont. June 3rd is a date they are considering for Detox, however being that its this far out who knows what it could be.

In addition to the albums being released rumor also has it that there will be another Up In Smoke Tour featuring Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Ice Cube, Bishop Lamont, and more.

well hot damn..

This information courtesy of HHNlive’s MAd Writer…

Boot Camp Wilds Out in Japan

November 20, 2007

Good for them…

Man Accused of JMJ Murder releases a new documentary “From Queens Come KINGS!”

November 17, 2007
Vodpod videos no longer available.

“This is a story of how NY’s most underrated Borough set the tone for National drug policy while changing the face of Pop Cultre.. From Queens Come Kings”

“I’m Sorry man but South Jamaica [Queens] created TNT[Tactical Nartcoctics Team].. Im real sorry for that.. I thought they were going to disband that after they caught them.”

“The Edwards Burns murder was the end of the Crack Era as we know it” – Ed Lover

Curtis Scoon, the man who some people have implicated in the murder of Jam Master Jay (he claims innocence and he has never been charged) has released “From Queens come Kings” a documentary about 80’s New York, Queens Drug King Fat Cat and the events that surrounded the Edward Burns murder.
This looks kinda hot. Let’s see if its objective…


Pete Rock to Drop New Album After 4 Year Hiatus

November 15, 2007

“NY’s Finest” will be released in February 2008 and will include collaborations with Raekwon and Masta Killa, Jim Jones, Papoose, D-Block and Redman, and many others.

The first single is:

Pete Rock – We Roll features Jim Jones and Max B.

Some of the tracks have already been circulating on the internet. Here are a couple of them:

Pete Rock – 914 ft. Styles P and Sheek Louch

Pete Rock – Til I Retire

All of them are hot, hence why I am posting them. Shout to DJ Whiteowl & Big Mike.

Rediculous freestyle from Cassidy pre-96′

November 14, 2007

“I could tell you cats was sweet when we meet cause my cavities hurt”

If his album was a bunch of his freestyle recordings he would do better than 63,000 units.  Shit I’d buy it.  I am a fan Cass don’t get it twisted.

Flip Mode Squad Parts Ways with Busta Rhymes and Changes Name of Group

November 13, 2007

In an exclusive interview with Rampage had this to say about the current status of the Flipmode Squad:

“Rah Digga, Baby Sham, Spliff Starr, and myself. We just changed the name of the group and it’s now called FMS” says Rampage.

“Nah, we just decided to do our own thing…It’s not under Flipmode anymore. It’s under FMS, just me, Sham, Digga, and Starr and FMS stands for Famous Millionaire Squad.”

I think its interesting they are still keeping the initals from Flip Mode Squad but are changing the name to Famous Millionaire Squad. That name is kind of wack. I do think Rah Digga is the illest female MC out (since Lauryn doesn’t rhyme much anymore) and I do love Flipmode’s music.


Belly – History of Violence

November 13, 2007

I originally heard of this MC earlier this year when he dropped a song called “Hustler” which was pretty dope.  I think this video is worth watching.  Props to our friends North of the border for producing someone who gives a shit.  I like the line “we’re teaching our kids that war is the answer to our problems”.