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February 12, 2008

For News on Reasonable Doubt 2  Check www.DigitalStreets.netI moved to my new server at about a month ago.  If you have not yet followed me there dooo it.  I noticed I am missing some of you.  Sorry for the disconnect, I will make it up to  you with my new and improved blog.Digital Streets is once again posting daily and has added streaming audio, a new layout, and a podcast.  We are also hosting events in New York and Washington DC.  Please check out the new and improved blog and the new podcast for your listening pleasures.


Jadakiss – Welcome To The Roc Freestyle

November 26, 2007

Jadakiss – Welcome To The Roc Freestyle

It’s not even fair anymore…..

Beanie Sigel ft. Jay-Z – Gutted

November 25, 2007


Here is another joint off Beanie Sigel’s forthcoming LP The Solution.

Beanie Sigel ft. Jay-Z – Gutted 

Tell Em Why you Mad Porta!

November 23, 2007

Okay I have a few bones to pick.

First off, fuck everyone for not buying Freeway’s Free At Last. I hear it is expected to move ONLY 35,000 copies this week. Free At Last is one of the best hip hop albums of the year. It is definitely better than 50 Cent’s album, and it sells as much as Hurricane Chris? WTF people? It’s a shame that most ignorant hip hop fans (which is most) will not buy an album if it didn’t move units its first week which is absolutely ridiculous. That means Freeway is pretty much assed out. This makes me agree with Saigon when he says that the music industry just isn’t worth it. Even Tony Yayo in his great wisdom figured it out. Good music falls on deaf ears while we complain about how wack Hip Hop is. If we supported good artists then maybe the industry wouldn’t be so wack. Maybe Freeway will do numbers internationally.

sorry Free.. I’m trying…

Talib and Common too… sorry guys.

Jay, if you wouldn’t have made your boss happy (yes even he has a boss) and not taken your album off Itunes then you may have kept your numbers up. a good percentage of record sales are digital these days. His numbers are nothing to sneeze at, but he is the God MC and should do better.

Speaking of King Hov, I am very very disappointed in the MSN broadcast of his concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. First off they cut the best part of the show out! Lil Wayne and Jay-Z were on stage TOGETHER performing and Weezy even called Jay “the best rapper alive” in front of Jay’s beloved hometown crowd which is usually the moniker he uses for himself.

Then, they DID NOT edit out Jadakiss’ embarrassing introduction to Rocafella when Jadakiss attempted to do an impromptu performance and Green Lantern didn’t have any of Jada’s songs to play. All in all the concert looked like shit online and it was great live. I know because I was there.

Go learns yourself something people, and keep on The Digital Streets if you give a shit about music….

Okay I’m done… Sorry for the foul language Mom.

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Jay-Z to Release A Capella version “American Gangster”

November 20, 2007


Here we go again… In a brilliant marketing move about 4 years ago Hov dropped the A Capella to The Black Album and increased the album’s longevity about an extra year and a half.  Once again remixers all over the globe will be able to translate Jay-Z’s brilliant lyrics onto beats that communicate with people from their hood.  Plus people will actually listen to the lyrics.

The album will be released on his and another notable street legend, A’s, birthday, December 4th.  I’ll remix one for you buddy…


Roc Boys Mixtape due out within a week…

November 20, 2007

Memphis Bleek spoke to Hip Hop DX  about the forthcoming and highly anticipated Rocafella Mixtape and had this to say:

[Roc Boys] should be coming out this Friday. If not this Friday, next week for sure. Hosted by man DJ Green Lantern and Lenny S. This is just a tape of us putting the team back together. The whole Roc Boys squad.

We letting everybody know we got an arsenal squad, and we coming to take over again.

The Mixtape will feature music from all of the Roc Boys we know and love AND newcomers Uncle Murder, Tru Life, and Jadakiss…. Yessssss


Jay-Z @ Hammerstein Ballroom *Official Video Preview*

November 16, 2007

This is the video that will be streaming for free on starting November 20th. This looks great. He’s the man.

Free = Happy Fans

Read the Digital Streets detailed review of the concert here. 

Jay-Z on the cover of the new Rolling Stone

November 16, 2007

Jay-Z’s response to why hes still in the game:

“It’s like winning black jack every hand. Theres no drama in it. You go crazy, its like 21 21 21… What good is that. You have to challenge yourself in life to feel alive.”

And that is why he is unstoppable.

Preview the interview and hear some great sound bites here.

See a video of the Photo Shoot plus Interview here.

Jay-Z Concert at Hammerstein will be Broadcast Online for Free

November 14, 2007

Starting on November 19, fans can visit to access the November 11th concert at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom for free.

I saw them shooting the concert and I am glad Hov continues to push the envelope and please his fans by broadcasting it for free. I know he’s getting advertising dollars or something. I would…

P.S: I heard the concert at Hammerstein was better than the one at the Apollo last night.   Yes that picture of Hov and Lebron is from the Apollo, not Hammerstein.

The Beatles, Jay-Z, and Elvis

November 14, 2007

From now on when you speak of the most successful artists of all time you have to include Jay-Z in the conversation. As expected American Gangster debuted at #1 on the Billboard Charts tying him with Elvis for second place for most #1 album debuts of all time with 10. The Beatles have the first place spot in that category with nineteen #1 album debuts. It seems like an impossible feat to achieve, but the music industry has never seen a hustler of this caliber.  After a few more retirements over the next nine years who knows…

More Video of Jay-Z Concert @ Hammerstein

November 14, 2007

These two videos are pretty comprehensive and the audio/video quality is much better. Peep the second video below.


Jay-Z – This Shit Right Here

November 13, 2007

This apparently was supposed to be on the album but didn’t make it.  It did make an ill interlude during the American gangster show.

Jadakiss Joins the Roc – Video

November 12, 2007

Props to for getting this video on the net first. I happened to be sitting next to Nigel from RealTalk the entire concert. Pay attention to the part when Jay stops the music and is about to introduce Jadakiss. You can hear my dumb ass yelling “JADA!”. Shout to my cousin Jimmy for being the first in the building to notice Jada (he noticed as soon as he walked out). Peep the video and check for more videos from the concert, including appearences by Diddy and Lil Wayne. Witness Weezy call Jay-Z the “Greatest Rapper Alive” in front of his hometown crowd. Jadakiss was hilarious. Check for my play by play review of the concert in this post.

Jay-Z finishes strong at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom

November 12, 2007

More Hip Hop History was made Sunday night at New York’s famous Hammerstein Ballroom as Jay-Z finished his American Gangster promo tour.

Major Points:

  • Lil Wayne made a surprise appearance to perform “Hello Brooklyn” with Jay-Z and Wayne called Jay-Z “The Greatest Rapper Alive” and dubbed himself “The Next Rapper in Line”. The crowd loved it!
  • The Rocafella Family including Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek, Freeway, Young Chris, and Tru-Life came out on stage but not Neef (who I found out is in jail), not Unlce Murda (no idea where he was), not Peedi (?), and not Kanye West (who’s Mother passed away yesterday a few hours before the concert0.
  • Jadakiss appeared on stage with the rest of the Rocafella camp as an offical member of the crew.
  • Diddy and Jay performed their verses from “I Get Money” but the crowd expected to see 50. Fat chance for that.
  • Jay-Z dedicated the concert to Kanye’s mother. (There will be more on this story when more details are released. My heart and prayers go out to Kanye.)


Frank Lucas has ill words for Jay-Z

November 9, 2007

It seems like Frank Lucas is really living it up these days. A new interview with him is aired or published every day. In the most recent interview with Frank Lucas had some very stern words for Jay-Z: Jay-Z recently recorded an album inspired by the movie. He had a line on his song “No Hook” that was talking about you. I’m sure you heard it.

Frank Lucas: No, I haven’t. I don’t listen to Mr. Jay-Z’s music, but please tell me what it is. He says, “I’m more Frank Lucas than Ludacris” and Ludacris is a rapper. Then he says, “Frank Lucas is cool, but I ain’t trying to snitch.” Now, I know that you on record have addressed that situation, but…

Frank Lucas: Tell that young man to watch his mouth. Please watch his mouth. Tell that young man to please watch his mouth. Mr. Jay-Z, tell him to please watch his mouth.

Wow four “Watch his mouths”. Thems fightin words…

We will see if anyone asks Jay-Z about Mr. Lucas’ comments.