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DJ Drama – Gangsta Grillz Preview

November 27, 2007

Many of the songs have leaked off this album already.

Here are a few joints that have not leaked and are straight FIRE… I will have a full review a bit later (too much to do right now… too many leaks)<—— GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE

DJ Drama ft. Lil Wayne, Wilie The Kid, Freeway, T.I.) – Cannon Remix (WEEZY VERSE = FIRE)

DJ Drama ft. Devin the Dude, Twista, LA the Darkman, and Mr. Porter) – Beneath The Daimonds

Outkast ft. Marsha Ambrosius – Da Art of Storytellin’ (possibly best verse of the year by Andre – Previously posted)

enjoy… more of everything coming later today…


Nas’ Controversial Album Pushed Back to February

November 26, 2007

Nas’ controversial album Nigger is now dropping during Black History Month.  I wonder what genius marketing mind came up with that plot.  Many black community leaders like the Rev. Al Sharpton have already been outspoken against the album title.  I cannot imagine the backlash there will be now. We all know any publicity is good publicity.

According to MTV he was supposed to drop the album next month but he is still working out his track listing and the album will be expected in February.  A snippet of a song called What It Is was leaked over the net last week but Nas said the song is a fake and he “never rhymed to that beat.” Apparently someone got a hold of his vocals and had some fun with them.  We can expect the first single from Nas in January.  MTV also said Atlanta’s DJ Toomp (T.I., Ludacris) and longtime Nas collaborator Salaam Remi have already contributed tracks, in addition to a slew of new producers. Diddy and his new Hitmen are also scheduled to come on board before production closes in the next week or so.

LL needs help – 50 to the rescue

November 26, 2007

LL Cool J spoke with MTV today about his new album Exit 13:

“It’s an incredible feeling” said Cool J, who proclaims this is the best album he’s done in almost a decade. “And you know what? I have to give 50 props for that. If a guy calls you on the phone and says, ‘You know what? Your last record was kinda slow and this was a little weak.’ It was like, ‘Yo, I just thought the record was slow, man, don’t mess my LL up.’ It’s great. One of the most important things in making records, you can’t think you know everything in music. I’m humble. I’m confident, but I’m humble.

“I don’t mind having a conversation with a guy who seems to have his finger on the pulse and having a conversation with him and talking with him and seeing if he can push me a little bit and get my mojo back,” he added. “I didn’t feel I fell off, but I felt I was a little bit out of touch with the things I should be thinking about. I needed to get a little more focused and close to my people and closer to the street.

“It’s more honest,” he continued. “We haven’t worked together for months now, but [50] helped me set the fun. I got loose, I’ve been really just in the lab, but he helped me set the tone. I had fun getting loose again. It was competitive, ’cause we made records together, records that may or may not make the album. All types of hidden records. He pushed me. Now my vertical is back and I can dunk on all of them. I’mma dunk on them so crazy.”

Wait so now you’re saying you shitty album sales are not Jay-Z’s fault? LL hasn’t had a respectable hit since Ill Bomb back in 99′. We’ll see if Curtis can add “Magician” to his long resume.

Jackson 5 will go on tour WITH Michael

November 26, 2007

I know this is primarily a Hip Hop Blog but anything Michael Jackson is involved in is definitely blogworthy (is it too late to Trade Mark that word?), especially when he hasn’t been on tour in over a decade.  This is what Jermaine had to say:

“Michael will be involved,” the singer and guitarist confirmed. “We feel we have to do it one more time. We owe that to the fans and to the public.”

“There’s been so much going on, getting over all the hurdles that we all were faced with during Michael’s trial,” Jermaine said. “But we are stronger than ever.”

Jermaine said the band was “in the studio at the moment.”

Wait, in the studio means they are recording another album?  Wow.  I got turned off by Michael Jackson over the past 10 years but Off The Wall and his Greatest Hits are still in my heavy rotation.  I am excited mainly out of curiosity.  What in the hell will a Jackson 5 album with a bunch of 40 and 50 year old washed up dudes  sound like?  Even better, what are they going to look like on stage?  This is either going to be really great or really bad, nothing in between.  Stay tuned….


Wu Tang – 8 Diagrams D/L & Review

November 25, 2007

MORE INFO HERE Ok, I’ll admit I was one of the many skeptics of Wu Tang’s 8 Diagrams based on what I have heard leaking on the internet. Songs like Take It Back, Rushing Elephants, Unpredictable, and Watch Your Mouth were nothing more than underwhelming and My Heart Gently Weeps was more of a movie soundtrack song than a leading Wu Tang Clan single.However, after giving the album a listen from cover to cover I was much more pleased. All I was looking for was a few bangers to bump in my car and a better sonic experience than Iron Flag, and I got it. Thank God. Perhaps the bickering between the group members has saved the album from being BAD to being NOT SO BAD W/ SOME JOINTS. I was immediately drawn to Gun Will Go, Campfire, Windmill, and Stick Me For My Riches.The lyrics are consistently Wu throughout the album and the beats are consistently Rza throughout the album (the new Rza NOT grimey 36 Chambers Rza). But overall half of the albums tracks were barely good enough for a mixtape and the rest were good enough to be second tier songs on a great album. True Wu heads will like the album but non Wu heads will not support it like their second LP Forever. All in all Wu has fallen short of their potential but still managed to provide their fans with more joints for the catalog.Wanna see for yourself, well I gotchu: Wu Tang Clan – 8 DiagramsBonus: Rza speaks on Wu beef and album again (video)

Queen Alicia Keys

November 21, 2007

Alicia Keys has taken the billboard charts by storm this week with a #1 debut and 742,000 albums sold. Jay-Z dropped from 1st place to 8th place with only 131,000 albums sold this week. How long until she is “officially” one of the great Divas?

This album is definitely another classic. You should purchase it. I did.

Read more about the record sales this week here.


Pete Rock to Drop New Album After 4 Year Hiatus

November 15, 2007

“NY’s Finest” will be released in February 2008 and will include collaborations with Raekwon and Masta Killa, Jim Jones, Papoose, D-Block and Redman, and many others.

The first single is:

Pete Rock – We Roll features Jim Jones and Max B.

Some of the tracks have already been circulating on the internet. Here are a couple of them:

Pete Rock – 914 ft. Styles P and Sheek Louch

Pete Rock – Til I Retire

All of them are hot, hence why I am posting them. Shout to DJ Whiteowl & Big Mike.