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Rza speaks more on Raekwon Beef and 8 Diagrams

November 26, 2007

MORE INFO HERE After hearing this interview and hearing the album again I’m starting to agree with Rza… It definitely isn’t no “McDonalds Burger”.. lol. The lyrics are strong but I just miss that old sound. I should have gotten over it by now, its only been gone for like… TEN years…Peep the Rza quotables below. “WU TANG.. WILL SURVIVE…” (more…)


Wu Tang – 8 Diagrams D/L & Review

November 25, 2007

MORE INFO HERE Ok, I’ll admit I was one of the many skeptics of Wu Tang’s 8 Diagrams based on what I have heard leaking on the internet. Songs like Take It Back, Rushing Elephants, Unpredictable, and Watch Your Mouth were nothing more than underwhelming and My Heart Gently Weeps was more of a movie soundtrack song than a leading Wu Tang Clan single.However, after giving the album a listen from cover to cover I was much more pleased. All I was looking for was a few bangers to bump in my car and a better sonic experience than Iron Flag, and I got it. Thank God. Perhaps the bickering between the group members has saved the album from being BAD to being NOT SO BAD W/ SOME JOINTS. I was immediately drawn to Gun Will Go, Campfire, Windmill, and Stick Me For My Riches.The lyrics are consistently Wu throughout the album and the beats are consistently Rza throughout the album (the new Rza NOT grimey 36 Chambers Rza). But overall half of the albums tracks were barely good enough for a mixtape and the rest were good enough to be second tier songs on a great album. True Wu heads will like the album but non Wu heads will not support it like their second LP Forever. All in all Wu has fallen short of their potential but still managed to provide their fans with more joints for the catalog.Wanna see for yourself, well I gotchu: Wu Tang Clan – 8 DiagramsBonus: Rza speaks on Wu beef and album again (video)

Video Wyclef Feat. Akon, Lil Wayne, Raekwon – Sweetest Girl (Remix)

November 23, 2007
Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Wu-Tang will survive” says Method Man

November 19, 2007

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO MTV caught up with Method Man and Rza, then with Ghostface and the general consensus was that The Wu will prevail.

“There’s a reason why I ain’t spoke yet,” said Meth, standing next to the RZA recently in New York. “When the album drops, we can talk.”“We’re here though,” RZA added. “We’re spreading the culture.”

Ghostface had this to add. (more…)

Wu Tang to Unleash Lost Track “16th Chamber”

November 14, 2007

Rumor has it a long lost track from 36 Chambers will be added as the bonus track for the upcoming LP 8 Diagrams. Also, the track listing for 8 Diagrams has changed since Ghostface and Raekwon have stirred things up with their internet rants. Very interesting.

Bonus: 8 Diagrams (full album)

R.I.P. ODB November 15, 1968 – November 13, 2004

November 13, 2007

Here is a nice tribute track off Wu’s new album 8 Diagrams.

Wu Tang Clan – Life Changes (w/ intro from ODB)

bonus: Intro to 8 Diagrams ft. Method Man and Ghostface

Ghostface Records Title Track for “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,” with Lyle Lovett, Jewel, and Jackson Browne… Wow

November 13, 2007

Not only did Mr. Tony Starks record a track with country singers and rock stars but he got to rap over Jewel Yodeling, and he got a cameo in the movie with her and his other title song cohorts. I can’t wait to hear this one.

We will see about this one.  It may have to grow on me like Talladega Nights.  I don’t get redneck humor.

Rza Responds to Raekwon’s Comments about Wu Tang Beef

November 9, 2007

 For More Info click here In an interview I posted yesterday with Miss Info of Hot 97, Raekwon expressed a lot of distaste with the Rza and his handling of the new Wu Tang LP “8 Diagrams” and his handling of the other group members. Well the Rza responded yesterday in a talk with

“My idea with this album was to have an hour of your day be different — you go into this other world of beats, hardcore lyrics and imagery of hip-hop,” he said. “I wanted the listener to be stimulated by the music. I don’t know if everybody agreed with it. Everybody has their own opinion. This is in my vision at the end of the day.”

This one is far from over folks. For the sake of everything that is hoy in Hip Hop lets hope they work this one out.Bonus: 8 Diagrams (full album)

Wu Tang Clan in Peril!

November 8, 2007

“I’m not gonna drown in the water when I know the boat is about to sink”

“He’s on some shit like ‘yo this is the new sound trust me’… we’re not coming out of the studio happy… its more like I don’t wanna be here doing this cause this is not the vibe I want… he’s like the hip hop hippie… [we like] you’ve been outvoted… ”

“You don’t rob your friends… you might as well be pimpin’ me”


Well it’s more like the Rza’s future with the rest of his Wu Tang members is in peril. Recently we have seen videos and read interviews from Ghostface in reference to his grievances about his money. Raekwon claims that all of the Wu members are unhappy with the sound of the new album (The Rza has excluded the other members’ opinions about the production of the album) AND their money. Raekwon claims the7 other members of Wu Tang will release another album on their own after this ones release, and they want this one pulled of the shelves. WOW.

Continue reading this post to see the rest of Miss Info’s interview with Raekwon.


Rza claims he invented Serato technology and got jacked for the idea

November 1, 2007

According to the Rza he first invented the technology for Serato’s Scratch Live and invested $2,000,000 in its development back in the year 2000. His machine was called “The Replicator” and apparently the people he was working with jumped the gun and got greedy and let the cat out of the bag too early. Due to loop holes in International patent laws and lack of funds to take on a legal battle The Rza got the short end of the stick.

“The Replicator” appears to be superior to Serato’s Scratch Live. Rza claims Numark has purchased the replicator’s technology for their device and it cues things real time through direct plug ins instead of routing through a laptop.

This is very interesting news taking into account that Serato is the new norm for DJing world wide.